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"Team Teaching English at Watphrathatwittaya School"

By: Phramaha Tharabun Khuchinda and Ellen Kert
May 18, 2009


Animation Project competition: Learning Objects

By Phramaha Tharabun Khuchinda (2009)
2nd International conference on educational reform (ICER2009): Cultural diversity and sustainable education in a changing world.

Cultural Diversity and Sustainable Education in a Changing World

  • What kind of education is needed for what kind of society?"
  • Innovation and Information Technology for Education
  • Animation Project Competition:
    Learning Objects

The animation project

  • Story writing – storyboarding – design – animation – presentation
  • Competition scorecard: storyboarding, use of layers, animation skills
  • Software used: Namo FreeMotion

Project objectives

  • Using educational technology: Learning Objects (LO)
  • Students become more independent learners by using computers independently and producing meaningful work
  • Students develop their English skills
  • Students gain transferable computer and English skills 

Skills developed

  • ICT skills
  • Language skills
  • Development, exchange and sharing of ideas with persons outside of the monastery


  • The project gave students the opportunity
    -to express their ideas through a graphic form
    -to develop (new) computer skills
    -to improve their use of English language; by using ICT tools, by interacting with international volunters, and by presenting their projects in English

Learning Objects (LO's)

  • nLearning Objects are small electronic units of educational information that are flexible, reusable, customizable, interoperable and retrievable to facilitate competency-based learning and increase the value of content. (University of Wisconscin-Extension: Glossary)

The Stockholmes Challenge 2008
KTH University, Sweden

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